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Yuyuan Electric CO., LTD. changes the new logo
Yuyuan Electric Co., Ltd. changed its new logo on July 1, 2020, where Y represents the initial letter of Yuyuan; the entire green circle represents the coil, which is one of the main products of Yuyuan; the three green lines in the upper right corner indicate that Yuyuan focuses on inductors; Finally, the left and right sides separated by the letter Y look like two hands are about to be held together. This not only represents Yuyuan's internal unity and hard work as a team, but also represents Yuyuan's willingness to work hand in hand with partners to create a new future.
New uniforms, new standards, new future, Yuyuan Electric distributes new uniforms to all employees
On August 1, 2020, following the birth of the new logo of Yuyuan Electric, Yuyuan distributed new uniforms for all employees free of charge to enhance the company's mental outlook, employee satisfaction and overall company image.
Shenzhen Yuyuan Electric Co., Ltd. moved to a new locations
On October 21, 2019, Shenzhen Yuyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was officially relocated from Baoan District, Shenzhen to Guangming District, Shenzhen. The new factory stress is: No. 24, Third Industrial Zone, Xia Village, Gongming Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen.
Yuyuan Electric gradually resumes production with preventing and controlling coronavirus pandemic.
On march 2,2020, with the effective control of the coronavirus pandemic in China, Yuyuan Electric Co., Ltd. starts to recover the daily production, offers employees thorough training to against virus, and provides antivirus supplies such as N95 mask, disinfectant hand sanitizer and infrared thermometer.
Wang Dongming, Party Secretary of Sichuan Province, inspects Yuyuan Electric to care about the progress of poverty alleviation
On July 10, 2015, Secretary Wang Dongming went to Yilong County to investigate related work. During this time, he made a special trip to Yuyuan Industrial Park to learn more about the employment of poor workers, factory production, company development and other issues, and enthusiastically met the workers and company's management team, Besides, he fully affirmed the development of Yuyuan Electric and expressed his earnest hope. Provincial Party Standing Committee and Secretary-General Wu Jingping, Secretary of Nanchong Municipal Party Committee Li Zhongbin, responsible comrades of relevant provincial departments, and Liu Jing, chairman of Yuyuan Electric, accompanied this inspection.

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