Human Resources



    1. More than 5 years of sales experience in the electronics industry, more than 3 years of sales experience in power supply components, transformers, and reactors.

    2. Having worked as a sales manager or above in a large power component company for more than 3 years, with customer resources preferred;

    3. Excellent market development, project coordination, negotiation ability and team building ability.

    4. Has rich experience and skills in marketing planning, familiar with the current market development status of the industry, strong marketing planning ability and operation ability.

R & D Engineer


1. Bachelor degree or above, majoring in electronics or related fields, good at analog electrical, digital electrical and other related disciplines.

2. Interested in circuit and power supply design, with strong learning ability and strong curiosesity.

3. Those with relevant work experience are preferred, with strong professional skills, and those with strong communication and coordination skills are preferred.

Quality Assurance Engineer


1. Bachelor degree or above, with a major in electronics related is preferred.

2. Strong communication and coordination ability, able to skillfully handle and coordinate with clients.

3. Strong sense of responsibility, understand production management, quality management related requirements, inductance and reactance related manufacturing process.

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