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Superior salary system:

Basic salary: higher than the salary of its peers, it has strong competitiveness in the market.

Full attendance bonus: extra bonus that can be obtained without taking leave for the month.

Performance bonus: an additional incentive bonus that is awarded when the assessment goal of the month (or quarter) is completed or exceeded.

Other bonuses: patent bonus, excellent employee bonus, optimization proposal bonus, etc.

Fair promotion opportunities:

In terms of ability: Our company pay attention to the smoothness and fairness of the internal promotion channel, and enable the capable people to get promoted through performance evalsuation and promotion list announcement.

Complete employee benefits:

Insurance subsidies: The company purchases various social insurances for employees in accordance with China regulations.

Vacation benefits: Holiday arrangements are made on statutory holidays, and employees have paid vacations that can be arranged freely.

Accommodation subsidies: The company provides internal canteens and dormitories, and employees do not need to worry about the costs of accommodation.

Holiday subsidies: Enjoy company extra meals and extra gifts during the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Employee travel: The company regularly organizes some employees to travel at public expense every year.

Corporate activities: skill competitions, labor competitions, rope skipping competitions, table tennis competitions, basketball competitions, badminton competitions, etc.

Staff activity venues: library, basketball court, table tennis court, badminton court, etc.

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